Plight of the Palastinian

Stop the killing.

We have to do something to help. The Limkokwing University is collecting funds that can be used for the purchase of food and medicine for the Palestinians. Give us your support. Donate any amount, even if you can only afford one Ringgit.

Launch of Fund-raising Campaign

2 February 2009

More than 500 people recently gathered at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (Limkokwing) plaza to mark the launch of a fund-raising campaign — “Plight of the Palestinians: From Grim to Bleak”. The campaign was launched in the presence of the Palestinian ambassador to Malaysia, Abdelaziz Aboughosh.

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Get on the net talk to the world

Write to the newspaper, petition the politicians, make an I-report for CNN, correspond with the broadcasters, let the United Nations know your view.

Plight of the Palestinians

A video produced & conceptualised by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology


Give us your support

Give us your support

Join the goundswell of activists who are clamouring for a halt to the massacre of men, women and children in Gaza. Limkokwing University is collecting funds for the purchase of medicine and food for the Palestinians.

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Every action counts.