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Limkokwing speaks up on the Plight of the Palestinians

2 February 2009

In a world where war has become a destroyer of the human race, Limkokwing University stood firm on its belief in the abolition of war and chose to speak up for Palestinians through an exhibition called Plight of the Palestinians: From Grim to Bleak.

It was a very touching atmosphere at the university’s plaza where distinguished guests, staff and students assembled to witness the exhibition and charity event to raise funds for the victims in Gaza organized by our very own students.

Among the guests were His Excellency Abdelaziz Abu Ghoush, Ambassador of the State of Palestine, senior management members of the media, Academic staff and the university’s multi national students.

In 2003 the university created an exhibition titled Plight of the Palestine: A nation denied a homeland, which displayed the tragic story of people’s struggle to build their nation.

Five years later, the situation has grown from bad to worse and the university is sending out a message that war does not solve anything but causes pain and destroys nations. The current condition in Gaza has moved people across the world and as a global university we have taken the initiative to put up an exhibition and a donation drive in aid of the Palestinians which will be on show for the next two months.

Students from various countries expressed how they were affected by the destruction in Palestine and even though they were far away one could feel the impact that it had on them from the emotion in their voices.

Robin Coenraad, a student from the Netherlands mentioned how he was disheartened by the number of people that had lost their lives, the men, women and children that would not see the light of day and left behind mourning family and friends.

There was a heart felt musical performance from a group of students who presented a song entitled ‘Lets Heal the World’, calling for a harmonious and unified world specially composed by the university’s Sound and Music Design Academy.

His Excellency Abdelaziz Abu Ghous took to the stage to address the crowd in which his deep words could not help but touch you. He applauded Limkokwing’s initiative and expressed his gratitude for the support rendered to the people of his homeland.

“I ask the whole world to have collective efforts to stop aggression towards Palestine,” he said.

Enough is enough and it is time the world said it too. With this he hoped that peace would prevail in Palestine, the land of peace.

Lesh Goitsemang, a Limkokwing alumnus recited a poem titled ‘People are Dying in my Living room.’ A poem which captivated many and was a symbolism of young people who are distraught by the war even if they are not there to witness it physically.

Students that were present also had a say on the events of the day as well as the current situation in Palestine.

A student from China, Qui Shiang said, “When we focus on the theme it brings back memories of when children died in the China Si Chuang earthquake and so I know the feeling of how the children must be feeling because I was there to witness the disaster.”

She said that she understood the hurt and although she is a young person, she believes that war is not the answer.

Celine Teoh Mei Yin, a foundation student in Design shared similar sentiments when she said, “I have seen countless news reports on the Palestine catastrophe and it never came to mind that I could help but today I made a difference just by being present, pledging my signature and making my donation.”

Everyone who was present signed the petition calling to end the Palestine conflict and the university will continue to collect funds for the purchase of medicine and food for the Palestinians.

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From Grim to Bleak

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Give us your support

Join the goundswell of activists who are clamouring for a halt to the massacre of men, women and children in Gaza. Limkokwing University is collecting funds for the purchase of medicine and food for the Palestinians.

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