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We have to do something to help. The Limkokwing University is collecting funds that can be used for the purchase of food and medicine for the Palestinians. Give us your support. Donate any amount, even if you can only afford one Ringgit.


Palestinian Global Peace Award for Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lim Kok Wing, President, Limkokwing University

2 July 2009

In a simple yet sophisticated ceremony H.E. Ambassador of the State of Palestine Abdel Aziz Aboughosh, presented the nation’s Distinguished World Citizen of Peace And Humanity Award to Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lim Kok Wing, President of the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Worldwide.

The award pays tribute to Tan Sri Lim’s lifelong work towards building peace in the world and in particular it highlights his endeavours to communicate and educate Malaysians and students from 140 countries on the salient points of the Palestinian issue in the Middle-East conflict.

The Ambassador expressed the Palestinians appreciation for the special video that was developed by the Limkokwing University and aired over television in 2003 to convey the magnitude of the suffering endured by the people of Palestine.

Titled The Plight of the Palestinians, A People Denied A Homeland formed the main message of a nationwide roadshow to bring the message to Malaysians.

In a follow-up event conducted this year, and as a response to the fierceness of the attack on the people in Gaza, the University created another exhibition displayed at its campus in Cyberjaya to appeal for funds to be used for the purchase of medical supplies.

The highlight of this event was a Heal The World concert where a selection of Limkokwing students presented their views regarding increasing conflict in the world today. The Limkokwing University also put together a song called Heal The World which has aired over television and is a regular feature in events that the University is invited to participate in.

Heal The World is now an album that has been completely composed, sung and produced on campus by Limkokwing students and concerts are being planned to be held at Gaborone, in Botswana and Phnom Penh in Cambodia where the University has its campuses.

Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing has been the driving force behind these endeavours. Over the past 4 decades Tan Sri Lim has been an active advocate for many causes ranging from anti-nuclear, anti-landmines, anti-corruption, anti-drugs, anti-smoking issues.

In 1996 he helped to build global awareness of the conflict in Bosnia Herzegovina by producing a book, a dedicated website and a roadshow to help people understand the extent of the situation in that country and to assist in its re-building.

In 2003 he mooted the Kuala Lumpur Global Peace Conference that brought the world’s peacemakers as well as the world media to congregate and draw a 9-point memorandum on achieving world peace.

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Give us your support

Give us your support

Join the goundswell of activists who are clamouring for a halt to the massacre of men, women and children in Gaza. Limkokwing University is collecting funds for the purchase of medicine and food for the Palestinians.

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